Saturday, February 25, 2012


There are times when I'm M.I.A.--Well.... This has been one of those times. I'm currently working on 3 different lines of Jewelry that will appeal to the various. May I offer to you:

Line #1--- Darenbak
I have to give ALL credit to my wonderful husband that came up with the name. This is a repurposed line of AMAZING up cycled vintage one of a kind pieces. The name of the line comes from "there and back" encase you didn't get it...... This will be a vintage line with the most unique pieces that I can come across.

Line #2 Conspicuous Gypsy-
From the ends to the ends of Bohemian, Tribal, and YES Ethral!!!!!!

Line #3 Royal Hippie-
I LOVE this Oxymoron.- Refined but not confined. Both or are over the top in so many ways. But if you mesh them together.... Something wonderful happens. This line is made with bits of royal pieces that are found here and there. Most of the line will be 24kt-14k gold vermeil.

All 3 lines will carry high quality semi-precious stones, Leather, vintage pieces. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I have making them!