Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Dragon - Twice

I have to admit the month of January and I have had our bit of rendezvous......To the point where I KNOW when January comes around for me.... I need to pay close attention. It's NOT about the NEW YEAR or anything like that..... it's LIFE CHANGING for me!?!? Let me give you some examples:
Jan 18, 89---- My Mother passed away.
Jan 20, 98--- I took my first trip to Bali (a place I dreamed to visit).
Jan---BORN Babies---- I can LIST the PLETHORA of GREAT friends, and my friends kids that I just ADORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 4, 2002-- I Married my husband under an oath to God.
Jan 4, 2003-- I gave birth to my first child.
Jan 2008--- I was cleared from my diagnosis of CML
Jan 2012,--- I got my dream car, I've stirred the family UNIT!!!!!!------ My doctor has stated that she wants to use me as an example for CML, and knows that it will NEVER come back. I'm currently in Artist transition for some AMAZING THINGS TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January---- you have brought me GREAT JOY.....and pain for GROWTH---- OH HOW I LOVE THEE

It's funny.... people ask me to explain my spiritual relationship.... and I CAN NOT!!!!
God has created us ALL Different!!!! We ALL deal with things Differently, see things, differently, and COPE differently.

I hear words,..... songs that I feel pretty much SUMS it up!!!!!----- Well---- Here you GO!!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Series

I'm currently working on a new circulation for an in house artist position. I'm CRAZY excited over this. More details are soon to come..... This is going to be an on going project with infinite possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!