Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Volcano Within

Today I was just reading about Krakatau erupting a few weeks ago.... I have had my own personal experience with Mt. Batur spewing lava rock in the air at me....... I remember waking up at 3am to the LOUDEST explosion I had ever hear..... only to hear a few seconds later my guides banging on my door for my hiking. I hiked up the volcano in flip flops with a lantern....I had coffee in the clouds @ 5am looking at the neighboring island's volcano (Lombok). I heated up banana bread and cooking hard boiled eggs in the sulfuric rock@ 7am....... later to have the Mt. mad at me spewing HOT LAVA ROCK (which I took home)..... My guide said very firmly "we must run now....." I looked at him thinking it was a joke..... he SMOKED me in HIS FLIP FLOPS!!!!!!! GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!! GOOOD TIMES!!!!!! One of THE BEST DAYS of MY LIFE!