Saturday, December 29, 2012

Troublemakers - Get Misunderstood

Well.... As I sum up 2012...and it slowly shuts the door upon us. I'm very thankful for the things that have brought me to this existing  pinnacle. It's a very interesting place. I'm currently in to say the least. A place that has had me thinking more about the "have not's". This year I felt pressed in my heart to make the women's battered shelter gifts. What I later found out  was that it was also battered kids, and men...... I sent a muslin cloth of hand made one of a kind gifts to everyone in that shelter. I've never been battered, abused, nor neglected. However I felt a yearning to help? I can not imagine to be in such a place.

As 2013 .....Encroaches upon us,  I am truly humble for what you will bring me. I aspire to be positively effectual in every path I meet or cross.......Not to give credit to EVIL------ However we already have enough of it. I know the "Fat Lady has not sung".... but someday she will--------- in the mean time.......... I will Love My Neighbor/fellow man as myself. I Will use my words to lift up and not to tear down.............