Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Cancer Story

This morning I woke up with all intentions of working another day in art. I got up, powered down my coffee, looked over at my hubby and said...." If I leave now I will get back in PLENTY of time to make lunch, and put in a FULL day of work". ---Funny how you think you know how your day will be planned.....I jumped in the car for a 50 min. errand drive time in each direction. I was searching for something good to listen to ...I was in for a long drive. Nothing..... As I came to a stop at the end of the hill of my neighborhood, I man with Cerebral palsy came through loud and clear from my car speakers. I begin to concentrate on his every word as I wanted to hear what he had to say. I began to listen to THIS MAN'S STORY and tears rolled, and rolled.... and rolled. I then heard a voice "'s time to tell your story". Some of you know OF it.....some of you never had any clue....due to the fact that I kept it pretty secret for years. So grab a snack, and drink cuz --

Here's My Cancer story

In Oct of 2007, I was busy with my 3 kiddos and trying to make plans to attend my 20Th High School Reunion. The kids were 12 (Almost 13) 4, and 2. We had been through a bit of rough year with Jordan. He was in a private middle school and he was not liking it. The school was a bit tough and he couldn't take it anymore. He struggled to keep the grades for him to play sports and that just upset him. He was also dealing with other things of not quite a teen, but not a kid either. He and I would have these talks at night, and he flat out told me he just wanted to go to public school. I tried to explain to him that there was no way he was going to the middle school in our neighborhood due to the fact that they were busing kids in from ROUGHER areas of L.A. My Mother-In-Law suggested I look into Jordan attending El Segundo High School......"PERFECT" I thought. I was working for a Chef In El Segundo and could possibly get him in on a merit of my work. Well.....nope....I wasn't working enough hours.... Jordan was not happy about the out come and tried to get kicked out of school by not getting good grades. This was stressing "The Head Of the Household" and myself to wits end. We understood he wanted to play sports!!!!

One Tues afternoon out Shopping at the Asian market with the two small kids...."Head -Of-House" calls me for a Sushi lunch date.------ "Give me 20 mins..and I'll be done" was my reply. As I'm trying to check out begin to feel the MOST HORRIFIC PAIN right below my rib cage....I begin to break into a terrible sweat as the pain is now consuming me. I try to lift my 2 year old AND the 4 year old in to the basket.....and I begin to cry...However my head is down because my stubborn butt doesn't want to ask for help. When we get to the car....the kids are scared. They see me in pain, tears rolling from behind my sunglasses and having a hard time getting them and myself in the car. My phone rings (Hubby)---"where are you?" I begin to cry " I can't drive........something is wrong......." After a few mins on the phone I took a few breaths and told hubby to meet me a home (5mins away). I managed to get everyone home safely.....And I curled myself up in a ball on the bed...the two small kids crying next to me hubby walks in the house. "YOU O.K!?!?!?" he asked. "I'm going to the ER ." My husband knew it was serious. I hardly ever got sick, and it was never enough to get me to the Dr.'s-----Heck I never caught a cold!!!! I was the Mom..... taking care of everyone else is what I do. After a few mins of lying in the bed.....I tell my husband "I think it's an ulcer..... we've been dealing with more stress than normal you stay with the kids and I'll drive myself to the ER"----again STUBBORN.

After about an hour of checking me the Doc says...."I think you have an ulcer...I'm going to recommend a G.I. specialist. However, due to procedure I have to drawn some blood. I'm sorry to keep you here longer for that." It was a BUSY day in Little Company Of Mary's ER. After about 45 mins... I hear on the intercom "CRITICAL STATUS ON NUMBER 15".....going through all the positions.....guess who was at number 15? The Doctor rushes to the phone I heard "ARE YOU SURE?!??!" He comes to my gurney and tells me he wants to take my blood again because the lab had to have mixed my vial with someone else. After another hour he comes to me and says "I can't believe this...I was ready to let you leave....and now I can't. Your blood count is showing you have leukemia........ Which is pretty strange because you are not showing symptoms?!" I called my husband and we both begin to cry ----"I'll be there in 10 mins."

The Next day I went through the most physical painful thing I've ever experience in my life. A bone marrow pain killer as the blood needs to be clean. Just a local topical pain killer.....which I honestly I could have done without because the real pain is in the drilling the bone and the bone aspiration. The lady doing to the procedure begins to tell me she CAN NOT believe how hard my bones are and how this was not you can imagine the pain I was going can read about it HERE .

I had to wait until the next day for the reading to come back from the lab..... Not knowing what was going on,--- was I going to die from this? I heard a voice saying " matter what you hear you're going to be fine." This was hard for me to listen to.....I lost my Mother at 19 years of age to breast cancer.........the word cancer haunted my thoughts. I kept hearing "you're going to be O.K...." I looked over to my hubby and told him....."I was told I'm going to be O.K. I believe it........don't worry everything is going to be fine."

The Next Day Thurs...........I was diagnosed with CML-leukemia in a blast stage. In their book...... This was BAD.... I had 3 blood transfusions... and I was on all sorts of medicine......I was at perfect peace about the whole thing.....EVERYTHING WAS GOING TO BE FINE!!!!!!!!!

I was released on Saturday.....only 4 days after being in the ER. I was given a pill called Gleevec.....I was suppose to take this for the rest of my life........well.............. This pill would make me so sick...... I was a person who wouldn't even take a Tylenol for a headache. I kept praying about this whole Cancer ordeal...... Asking God for direction other than what I was being told by the doctors.....One day I heard a voice tell me to turn on Christian T.V.-----I NEVER watched Christian T.V. but this morning I listened to a Man talk about "The Seven Pillars Of Health" . Six months after my hospital visit I was put in "remission status"-----My Doctor kept saying "You've been cured by the medicine....... I can NOT believe your blood count and how fast your body were in BLAST STAGE!??!?!"

The medicine..........Oh MAN... DID I MENTION---- IT WOULD MAKE ME SICK???? I would have to lie down right away cuz it MADE ME SICK!!!! I was praying that God would help me get over this was rough. Things kept being placed in my path without searching!?!??!?! Doug Kaufmann........ "Know the Cause"......(read THIS it will blow your mind!!!!!!) Was one of the BIGGEST factors!!!! We believe my daily bleach use with no gloves (TOXINS going straight to the blood stream) was a VERY big factor. I was also eating processed, pesticide ridden food. We are an organic home now....I believe what we are putting into our bodies is REALLY hurting us if it's not clean organic food!!!! Our bodies are temples....

I stopped taking this pill in Nov. 09.....and my Doctors LOST IT!!!!---- "This PILL is keeping you alive!!!!!" Is what I was being told......I replied----"well no.. not really......I could get hit by a car right after I leave this office and perish.....this pill is not keeping me alive-----GOD IS!!!!" In Dec of last year I found a Western doctor who was ok with treating me WITHOUT taking this pill. She doesn't know what to do with me..... my blood count has been in the normal status without the gleevac for 2 years. Do I believe in miracles!??!?! YES I DO...... what was intended to harm me has turned into good for Gods glory........If you know someone who is dealing with cancer......past this story onto them.....and the info on DOUG KAUFMANN .
Be thankful daily and count your blessings♥